Monday, October 13, 2014

A Happy Anniversary!

A year ago today I finished my first ever, full length novel/story!

This is just a post to commemorate the event. Since I finished writing it, the story has gone through a lot of editing, re-reads, and some little baby spin-offs.

But before you get too excited, you'll probably never read the story. It is a fanfiction, I will admit to this, therefore I can't publish it. But still, I'm really proud because I have never ever been able to finish something I started when it comes to personal writing.

This particular fanfic I wrote for myself. Will I publish it on Maybe. It's still kind of like my baby and I don't want to release it to the harsh world just yet.

 Here are the stats according to Microsoft Word when I first finished it:

Page length: 112
Word Count: 59, 559

I wrote the story in third person, past tense. And it's through the eyes of an OC which is why I call it my story instead of my fanfiction. It just feels like I borrowed the names of the characters and their backgrounds. I don't know. I'm just so excited!

 This post is really to just let people know that you CAN finish that story you've written. Who cares if it's fanfiction? Finish and be proud of what you wrote!

Also, there have been a lot of posts for today. That's definitely not going to be a norm.

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