Who Am I and What This Is

What Is This Blog About?

The Words In My Head is based on the idea that as an avid writer and reader, words are constantly in the mind. They're language, which is universal even if they're in different languages. You read them, you write them, and words are always following through your mind. Sometimes you read faster than your brain comprehends, sometimes you think about what to write next faster than your fingers can type. The words just never run out because they are running through your mind.

The point of the blog is to expose people to books in genres such as Young Adult, Adult Fiction, and any other books I have assigned for class or find at the book store. The writing portion of this blog is filled with tips on writing, references I find usefully and some of my own writing for feedback.

It may also be considered my writing portfolio. This entire blog is run by a second year college student, double majoring and leading clubs. For free I might add. So when posts don't happen on a regular schedule please forgive. Trust me, I'm harder on myself for not posting regularly than I probably should be.

Who I Am:

Karina. Currently a second year college student in the South of the US. I watch a lot of Netflix and avoid a lot of homework.

I used to be the owner of Book Away, but with the loss of my partner in crime and a huge time gap where nothing happened, I decided to start over. Not to mention that I also wanted to do more of a writing centered blog. But the blog is still up for all those who dare to wander over.

You can contact me at karyn.a432[at] gmail [dot] com for any reason! I do have an average twenty-four response time.

You can also find me on:
Twitter: @quietlykeen
Goodreads: Karina
Tumblr: quietlykeen

Status: Currently accepting books to review

For publishers and authors:

If you want to send me a copy of your book so we can read it and review it, then please do so! I prefer to read YA books, ranging in genre but we also read adult fiction and possibly others. Basically, drop me an email and I will see what we can do.

Please, be aware that I am a full time college student with an internship, so my life is pretty much revolving around school work, grades, and writing. I work better with a specific due date, and on average it takes me about two weeks to read and write a review.

I would also love to do a guest post/interview with the author and host a giveaway for the book/ARC to spread the word about the novel.

For all intents and purposes, just email me a proposition and we'll go from there!

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